Possible bug : Grindstone 4 and Windows 10 multiple desktops

Hi there , been a long-time user of Grindstone and I think I may have found a bug associated with the Windows 10 “multiple / virtual desktops” feature.

Grindstone 4.0 Build 7380.29440
Windows 10 Pro 21H1 OS build 19043.1052 (latest at 11th June 2021)

Windows 10 configured to have 2 virtual desktops.
Grindstone 4 running on desktop 1, in “Stopwatch mode” (i.e. collapsed/docked up at the top).
Walk away from the PC for a few minutes - enough to trigger the “what have you been doing” dialog when you return…

The “Grindstone wants to know what you were doing while you were away” dialog appears on the 2nd Windows desktop, not the 1st.
Windows 10 shifts onto the 2nd desktop because a window has appeared.
Grindstone stopwatch pane is still on 1st desktop.
After interacting with the “what have you been doing” dialog, Grindstone stopwatch panel has now also moved to 2nd desktop.
Grindstone windows/panes are now on 2nd desktop instead of 1st desktop and must be manually moved back again.

I appreciate this may be a Windows 10 issue rather than a Grindstone issue, but thought reporting it would be useful??

Many thanks,


I actually came here to post about this issue as well.

When you open the Virtual Desktop setup by clicking the Task View button the taskbar you can right click the Stopwatch window and set that window to appear on all desktops. This will make everything work as expected but it doesn’t stay working.

After a bit of testing I found if you expand the stopwatch or the “What have you been doing” dialog pops up then Windows disables showing the stopwatch on all desktops and you have to re-enable it. (Locking the computer does not cause a problem as long as you return before the dialog will appear.)

While this is slightly different than the issue you are describing I believe it is related because Grindstone seems to confuse the virtual desktops and either end up on a different one (like you said) or loses it’s setting to stay on all desktops.

That does seem like a Grindstone bug because I don’t think it should be losing the setting. I haven’t experienced this behavior with any other application. Even choosing “Show windows from this app on all desktops” doesn’t work. (In fact it seems to work less well than just saying to show the single stopwatch window on all desktops.)

While it is a minor issue it is also frustrating because I often don’t realize it has happened until I want to look at the time or need to interact with the stopwatch. (I have 4 virtual desktops so I have to swap around a bit to figure out which one Grindstone decided to stay on that time.)

I’m running a slightly older version of Windows than you so I guess the latest updates don’t fix it either: Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1909 Build 18363.1556