Maintain size and position through restarting?

I’ve noticed that when I move the mini Grindstone window around and then restart my computer, the size and position of the timer is not used. Is there any way to get Grindstone to remember where I put it rather than having it move back to the upper right corner of the primary monitor?

The last known positions and sizes of the two modes are remembered independently of one another.

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So what do I need to do to get grindstone to remember my desired position and size? Because it definitely doesn’t for me.

I think the minimized dock location and size are remembered.

But if I recall correctly, it does not remember the expanded viewer. Whenever I restart the app I think I have to update the size of it…so I can see all the columns to the right.

The minimized one is the one I care most about and is the one that keeps reverting for me.