"Away" timing is no longer accurate

When I go away from my computer, I lock the computer, and then when I come back, Grindstone prompts for what I was doing when I was away. If I say I did nothing and then either continue with the previous task or don’t start a new task, Grindstone sets the previous task’s end time to the time when I unlocked the computer, not when I locked the computer and went away.

Ie: I go away for lunch at 12pm and I leave the task running. When I come back at 12:45pm it asks what I was doing when I was away and it shows that the previous task stop time was 12:45pm, not 12PM. So I have to go back and adjust the end-time for the previous task each time I go away and I don’t want the away time added to that task.

I think it was also broken in 4.0.7071.38098 - I’m using 4.0.7380.29440.

Is anyone else having this same issue?

Sorry no help, just can confirm I have the same issue. Been using GS for about five years now. New computer, Win 11, Grindstone 4 new install (7380.29440). After two weeks of really strange time tracking, watched very closely today to see what was going on. During the day, everything worked. Task jumping, start/stops, leaving and coming back with the screen saver running…all okay. At the end of the day, 5PM, with a task running, I pressed the power button on the PC which sent it to hibernate. Just turned it on again at 8:15PM and the time from 5PM to 8:15PM was all added as time worked to the last task, and a new task was started immediately even though I was not prompted to state where the time off was spent. Also I noticed during the day I saw the check box for turning of the timer when I returned from away time, but as the day progressed that option went away. GS4 doesn’t seem to be handling hibernation. Previous weeks I noticed the time added was from my last use until some random time in middle of the night (2-5AM) times. No idea why.

Very disappointing. I’ve been using grindstone since 2012 and it’s always worked perfectly for me until the last few months.