Grindstone App remains on the screen while in "Stopwatch mode"

Current behavior: Once Grindstone app minimizes automatically, it remains on the screen as bar of size around 6x1 cm. I think it is called “Stopwatch mode”. If I am working with another app say Chrome, Grindstone will be displayed on top of Chrome App. As result, I would not be able to click on the Chrome area where Grindstone is displayed. In order to click on that area of Chrome, I need to expand Grindstone by clicking on the top right area of Grindstone. This opens “Full Grindstone interface”. When I click on the minimize button in “Full Grindstone interface”, the App is minimized momentarily, so that I can view Chrome app full.

How to resolve the issue? My suggestion is, not to show the Grindstone app on the screen while in “Stopwatch mode”. Rather, minimize it fully and show in the Windows Taskbar.