The Car icon, when reminded to stop working, is outdated, isn't it?

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a little impulse here. I love using Grindstone, but I realized the more I see that car symbol at the end of the day the more I get confused and irritated by it. It is kinda old-fashion to generalize that most of the people get into their car after finishing the working day: there are bicycles and trains, there are the final chats with your colleagues, there are some enjoyable walks after the work. I’m not even talking about the fact that we have now more than ever people sitting in their home office. Moreover, a car is not a thing to promote as a nice travel option these days…anyway, of course I cannot talk for everyone, this is my personal feeling seeing almost every day this car icon and feeling this kind of dissonance. Would you mind thinking about changing it? Or at least allow users to choose the option? (or is there this option already here and i just missed it?):wink:

With best regards,