Feature Reqest: Timing Ignore Work Item

I have been using grindstone a lot and there is 1 bugbear that I have. I would like for the timer (“Remind Me to stop working when I have reached”) to show how much work I have done during the day and telling me when my 8 hours is up. I first didn’t record unpaid breaks, but then the gap detector (which I use a lot) tell me there is a gap there. So I started to add a “Breaks” task but then I get told when I have done my 8 hrs including breaks, which is not preferred.

So what I was hoping is i can get a work item to ‘ignore’ so that the timer does not count that in its totals. Is that at all possible?

This sounds like a great idea. I don’t know about it happening in GS4, but the next major release on the other hand… :wink: