No way to do time sheet report

Because there is no way to do a last week time sheet report, I am still using Grindstone 3.
Why wasn’t a simple time sheet report not used in Grindstone 4?

I use a prior week table to get a listing of my prior week product-backlog efforts.

The setup is as follows. The Person (Select) is unnecessary.


I also use the SqlServer and SqlLite plugins, which logs all the data to a database. I can then use the tool of my choosing to construct a time sheet in nearly any format necessary. All the data is there in a sql queryable database.

You are missing the point,. I need a report like in Grindstone 3 where it reports the time for each job for each day in the week. I can’t use totals for the day.

I did look at this again today and found the table listing display with two axis table by work unit and day for the week.

Here is the time sheet like Grindstone 3: