Grindstone 4 just not working for me, need to move on

I’ve been a Grindstone 2 user for many years and while it wasn’t perfect, it worked for my needs. When I got a new Windows 10 laptop I installed GS 4. I’ve struggled with it for 2 weeks and it just isn’t working for me. My 2 biggest issues is being able to report last week’s time slices grouped by work item and day and being able to merge multiple time slices for the same work item over the course of the day.

This morning I was trying to log my time for last week and I had 14 time slices for 1 day, 7 of which were for the same work item spread across the day. It is very tedious to try to find, group and report all time for this work item for that day. Plus, since list week spanned 2 months, I couldn’t list all of just last week’s time slices in one view. Filters don’t always work as expected (trying to list all time slices that started on 1 calendar day produced a list of all time slices for the last 2 weeks - almost useless).

Too bad, it worked well for me for a long time. I’ll either have to reinstall GS 2 or find another application.

Check this thread from me. I had a issue with displaying a time sheet and this has solved it.
No way to do time sheet report
I think you would like the time sheet.
I made different week views as follows.
The person select is not needed if you don’t work with teams.

Richard, thank you for that. It helped. But I’m still frustrated by not being able to merge multiple time slices that are not perfectly contiguous. Early last week I came across the thread you mentioned and tried what was described there as well. That adds another piece to the final solution.

I will work with this for the week. But I’m researching options, including going back to GS 2.

Is this only because of reporting reasons?

You don’t need to add them up. The time sheet view will add up the times for each job and display time time for each job on that day.
To do the time sheet you need to click on the tab to get table.
Then pick by work item and by date. You can click the arc arrow to swap dat with work item to get work items on the rows and the date on the columns.

Yes. I must report total time for the day on each work item. So if I work on the same item 3 or 4 or 5 times during the day I must add these up off to the side and hope my math is right and enter the total time to our project management system.


This time sheet will work much of the time, but then I have one more quirk. I often get a one-time task I have to spend some research and solution development time on, like a production issue. This may take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours. I have a ‘general’ work item where I identify the specific task ID in the notes and log my time as a time slice. It’s not worth setting up a work item for these one-time tasks. There are days where I can have 2 or 3 of these general time slices for a couple of different tasks. So at the end of the day I need to merge certain General time slices but not others because they are for different tasks. I need to pick and choose what time slices to merge which I could do in GS2 but cant in GS4. Then I can report my total time for task X, my time on task Y and so forth.

So with this I now have 2 different reports I must use to determine my time on tasks for the day or week (by day). Not nearly as easy as in past versions of Grindstone.

You just need to log you time with new tasks that are named for the tempx task. After your time is log in the week, you can delete them.

BY not logging them with your notes as tasks, you must work hard later to separate them.


Before you delete these temp tasks you can move them to your general task and then the empty temp tasks can be used again or deleted.