Move stopwatch?

I run 3 monitors off my system. When the main Grindstone 4 application minimizes to just the stopwatch, it is “pinned” to the upper right of the main monitor. Is there any way to move that to a new default location like in past versions? I share my main monitor during Zoom meetings and I don’t need the stopwatch displaying on the screen. I’d like to move it to one of the other monitors.

Yes, I know you can minimize it to the task bar, but removes it from all visibility and I check what I’m timing from time to time with a quick glance (my currently timed tasks changes a lot during the day some days).

You can move it by grabbing with the mouse over the number of the time and drag it anywhere.

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Yes, like Richard said it can be moved, but it can be a challenge since there isn’t much clickable space on the stopwatch that isn’t a button of some sort.

I usually grab just next to the Grindstone logo, between it and the text to the right.

Thank you richard and rtharston. Being real careful to click that tiny area between the button and the item being timed provided a ‘handle’ to move it.

Consider this issue closed.

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Sorry this was confusing.

It always works by clicking directly on the time in the stop watch. it is a big number and easily found.