2021-12-05 Release

Time Tracking

  • added: Assignment auto-select view, which is used by Grindstone to determine whether an assignment can be re-used when the user starts timing a work item
  • fixed: a defect that caused Grindstone not to properly recover when the timing display or duration formulas could not be successfully parsed
  • revised: the timer to not automatically create new time slices when a start timing command is given when the command is redundant


  • added: move parameters by right-clicking them
  • added: views now display duration values in hours and using the formatting of the user’s culture
  • added: views now display instant and instant range values in the user’s local time
  • fixed: a defect that caused views to order entries alphabetically when the data being displayed had a preferred sorting method
  • revised: parameter interface to be cleaner
  • revised: system view icons shown in the drawer lists are now also displayed in the view’s header