Sudden increase of "Cloud Sync" notifications

Hi there,

We just started a few people trying out this application, and so far, it’s been meeting expectations and exceeding them. However, it seems that as of the most recent update, the notifications to try the Cloud Sync have resulted in people getting frustrated and uninstalling the application.

I must also admit, that it feels a little naggy, and for an application which is intended at tracking time, I would like to think that this is something you can appreciate, is not a good use of time, to dismiss persistent popups.

In the interest of user experience, please kindly consider removing the nag, or offer an checkbox in the settings which can control the frequency, or disable such notifications.

That would be great! Thanks again for a super useful app.

How often are you seeing these notifications? It’s my understanding that they are shown, at most, once every three days.

I’m almost certain it’s daily, almost certainly after a reboot. For instance, I came back to check this request today, as I noticed another notification this morning.

Still getting these naggy notifications. Even I am considering to stop using it. I know it’s a small thing, but the frequency is just too much. I cannot say that I notice it daily, but when I do notice it, the first thing that pops into my mind is, “Not again, Go Away!” - which I’m sure you realise is not really a great user experience.

This is purely feedback, but reducing these notifications or adding a way to control them, “Dismiss for 30 days” would be a much nicer experience.

After all, it’s a time tracking app, people who use it, likely don’t like wasting time on clicking notifications every 3 days.

Well, I have some good news. I did a code review personally to make sure that it is only once every three days. Also, if it is bothering you so much to see those notifications, there is a feature to turn them off which was made available in the most recent release:

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This is indeed good news. I didn’t notice this option in the settings :slight_smile:

I actually take back my last comment. I’ve noticed the the option is present… but you need to have already purchased for one of the two nagging features.Capture

The point is, your free version, is constantly nagging. It’s clear that this is just going to be come evermore frustrating. Time to look for a replacement.

Actually, after some soul-searching, we’ve come to the conclusion that this is exactly as frustrating as we intend to be. We are making a commitment here and now that ads Grindstone 4 will not get any more frustrating.