Grindstone 4 Sync Loosing Connection

I am using Grindstone 4 with Sync on a laptop. I have noticed that if I close the laptop and put it to sleep, Grindstone does not recover gracefully when I wake the computer up. The connection with the cloud is lost and the only way to get it back is to kill Grindstone using End Task and launch it again. Is anybody else having trouble with this?

Hey there, @anewcomb. Every once in a while I’ve heard about people having this issue, but we’ve never managed to successfully reproduce it. I’m open to hearing from others who have, though.

Try this:

  • Undock computer. Connect to internet and grindstone via WiFi.
  • Put computer to sleep (I did so by closing the lid. I have verified that this action is set to put the computer to sleep).
  • Connect to dock station & wired internet.
  • Wake computer up.

This does it for me every time. When Grindstone comes up it says Working with Grindstone Sync data in Offline Mode but never actually connects and won’t even let me log things to my local database.