Privacy policy for the desktop app

I love Grindstone, have been using it for years. I want to continue using it in a small German company, and to be compliant with data protection rules in the EU (GDPR) we have to know how Grindstone processes and saves data. Most of the data is saved in a data file on local disk, but the application probably sends some data to the epiforge servers, or checks for updates.

So my question is if a privacy policy or information on how data is processes, in what locations, etc. - compliant with EU GDPR regulations - can be included or is available somewhere? We checked the android app store, there’s nothing. The website links a privacy policy, but that only applies to how the website processes and stores visitor information, and does not seem to cover the application.

Any help is appreciated.

If there is none yet, it would be my wish that one can be created and packaged with the application. A template can be found on the GDPR website: Writing a GDPR-compliant privacy notice (template included) -

I’m not an expert on GDPR, so I’m not sure if anything else is required. I can ask my data protection officer to provide more details if Epiforge is willing to create the documentation.