Control Grindstonoe with Elgato Streamdeck (or any other custom keyboard)

Hi there!

I am using an Elgato Streamdeck for multiple purposes. For those who don’t know Streamdeck - it is a custom keyboard with 15 keys that can be assigned with any task as you like.
It would be a huge productivity-boost if I could control Grindstone with my Streamdeck.
As far as I know, there is no Streamdeck-Plugin available (if I am wrong, PLEASE let me know :slight_smile: )

Is there an API or any other wa to control Grindstone from any 3rd party software? Especially I am interested in start/stop the stopwatch and switching work items while Grindstone is running.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I don’t know of any API, but you can at least do task switching with the Ctrl-Alt-G keyboard shortcut :slight_smile: I use a duckyPad which lets you write scripts for keypresses, and my scripts which are simply:

  1. Ctrl-Alt-G
  2. Wait a tiny bit.
  3. Type in a pre-programmed task name.
  4. Enter.

Not completely robust to all situations, but pretty workable. I’d love to see more global keyboard shortcuts to hook onto with scripts though.

Heyho, thanks for your reply!
This is actually a great hint - I am going to try if this will work :slight_smile: