Opening recovered gsjbd.files

how can I open old files (recovered from hard drive from broken laptop) on my new pc?
I’ve downloaded the grindstone app again but not sure what (if anything) I can do next

Copy the files from the backup and open them in Grindstone.

If I do Open With - where would I find the Grindstone App downloaded on my laptop?


this is what it looks like - does that make sense?

Do it from the Grindstone side rather than from Windows Explorer:

  1. open Grindstone
  2. click the Grindstone menu
  3. select Change Database
  4. click Open an already existing database
  5. click Show a browse button that selects the path to the database
  6. click Browse
  7. find and select the database file you want to open in the Open Database dialog
  8. click Open
  9. click Click Here to Confirm All of the Above

THANK YOU!!! after hours of work trying to do it myself and find help online, it was as simple as that…

Well then, I must apologize to you for making you wait so long!

I don’t know if you saw that, but I even did some detective work online to find a direct email address for yourself. I thought the Epiforge community was no longer functioning since the last posts seemed to have been months ago. Anyway, thanks again for your help here.