Hiding completed work items from modify timeslice list


I have successfully hidden work items from the pick list when timing.
Is it possible to do the same for the edit time slice window?

This one:

As you see that list is long! And I only have 4 uncompleted work items at the moment.
So when I need to adjust my time for any reason, it’s a hassle.


good point, Siferiax. I don’t think there is. At least I have never attempted or had a need to do it there. And one is not able to search the list items using other properties, such as project #'s, etc. :thinking:

As a work around, you could right click the time slice and choose Move. That would present a window with greater filtering capability:

Ah thanks, I’ll have to try that!
Another workaround I heard was renaming the uncompleted ones with a prefix so they would be at the top, but this seems more elegant :slight_smile: