Feature request: Work Item Select configurable to View

problem: work item select shows all work items. This presents two challenges -
a. I am presented with a list of 88 items (and growing) of item to select from when I have only 33 incomplete work items.Much scrolling needed.
b. This allows me to select a closed work item that has been marked as complete.

proposed solution: add configuration item that ties work item selection drop-down to a work item view. The view can be filtered as needed to make work item selection managed, more efficient, and dynamic to changing tasks.

You mentioned, “when I have only 33 incomplete work items”. Are you filtering out completed items?


I currently have 637 work items (and growing), of which 54 are currently active. I am regularly completing out support type work items.


A useful feature of the drop down is the Quick Search, which searches all the elements. I have custom columns for PBI and Incident numbers, which I can type into the quick search and it brings them up. Or if just know the name, I can type some of that.


I hope this is helpful to you