Can we disable extensions?


I appreciate that extensions are a powerful feature that can unleash useful functionality. However I’m keen for any users of this software where I work to have stable and reliable software (that cannot break itself or other software / data on the PC / network) …and the ability for users to customise the software if we deployed it to them makes me uneasy.

I’m considering allowing the software - but not the Pro version just because I don’t want extensions - which should work for us but seems bad for your business model


Thinking about this some more, perhaps extensions could be digitally signed and we could deploy Grindstone but only allow it to run extensions that have been signed with our private key?

Right now, the only real reasons to buy Pro are to get access to extensions and to remove the ad notifications for Sync and Pro. If your primary concern is the ads, we could perhaps come up with a license specifically for removing those at less cost and leave the extension system disabled.

Since Grindstone 4 is basically in maintenance mode while Grindstone Next is under construction, this may be a bit of a tall order. I guess it would depend on how much you wanted this sort of feature and how many users you have.