Grindstone Dead?

The dicussion trail for Grindstone Next seems to have trailed off well over a year ago (having started roughly 3 years ago).

Grindstone 4 is now carrying on into an age where big companies are more tightly controlling IT and apps, and IT groups using Microsoft Business Store and Intune… But Grindstone 4 is apparently not available through this means.

So as our team evolves, we are not able to bring them on-board with using Grindstone because it doesn’t meet reasonable, modern IT security standards.


If you had to switch from Grindstone, what would you use?

PS. To clarify, I’ve tried to contact the developers several times in the past few months with no response - hence the concern about the development dying off. Maybe I’m wrong.

I hope it’s not dead, it’s the only time tracker I found that actually suits my needs! Although this is one problem with closed source software, can be hard to continue if the devs move on (which may not actually be there case here, I only starting using Grindstone recently).

Well, not sure if Grindstone is, but as the last post by @daniel.henry came in January 2023, it seems that at least this discussion forum is not in their focus at the moment.
Not sure if this is a problem of proprietary software, as also FOSS projects die if the dev team moves on, but here at least a group of encouraged supporters could take over. Maybe the epiforge team would be willing in making their main program open source and focus on the Sync-Element for monetisation?
I definitely agree that Grindstone has a lot of great elements that are unique, so it would be a pitty if the tool dies…