Can Grindstone be used portably?

Hello there,

I was pretty impressed by the videos I saw on YouTube and I’m thinking of giving Grindstone a try.

Assuming the .NET framework is installed, can Grindstone be used in a portable way? (for example run it from a USB stick between different systems).

Thank you!

Of the currently supported versions of Grindstone at the moment, only Grindstone 2 supports this. We call the feature “Travel Mode”. But it’s precisely the need to have a stable and working .NET runtime environment on the host that led to some issues and caused us to drop the feature in subsequent versions.

However, I am pleased to announce that internal alphas of Grindstone 5, in which Grindstone has made the transition from .NET Framework to .NET Core, make use of new single EXE publishing functionality in newer development tools and, as a result, Travel Mode will be returning in GS5.

Awesome news, thanks!